How To Play Rope Games?

In this article, we are going to discuss how to play rope games. It is very easy to learn to play rope games as these are simple childhood games which don’t require a lot of sports equipment to play. However, it needs s lot of physical stamina and strength to play rope games. So, what are y6ou waiting for, learn the basic method or the way to play rope games and start having fun.

One of the simple rope games is the rope jumping games which are basically the games which test one’s physical perseverance. The basic way to play this game is very simple. You need to have a a piece of rope about seven feet length. The rope made up of any kind of light material is suitable to play these games. The rope can be made up from groups of rubber bands notched together one after another.

These days people play this game with commercially manufactured plastic rope which have handles on each end. This rope is easily available in sports stores. The game can be played individually or in groups.

Let us know see how to play rope games:

Individual Game

In individual jumping rope, two handles are attached to both ends of the rope so that user gets a better grip. While holding the handles the user twirls the rope vertically over his body, skipping regularly over the rope so that it passes under the feet and over the head. One of the several benefits of rope games is that one can gain good health and stay fit with rope jumping. This is an effective exercise used for cardio activities, warm-ups, and stamina training in sports.

Group Game

Let us see how to play rope games in a group. In group rope jumping rope games, two participants swing around a four to five meter long skipping rope. The one or two other participants then jump over the rope and try to stay in the game by jumping over the skipping rope for as long as possible. The team of participants which jumps non stop in the game for longer period of time wins in the end.