Different Rope Games

Are you among those people who prefer to play different rope games to have fun in their leisure time? Well, if yes, then you will find here the information regarding how to play some of the different rope games. So, next time when you feel like playing rope games, just try one of these various types of rope games with your friends and family to have fun.


In hopping rope games, two participants swing around a four to five meter long skipping rope. The one or two other participants then jump over the rope and try to stay in the game by jumping over the skipping rope for as long as possible. The team of participants which jumps non stop in the game for longer period of time wins in the end.

Rope Spider

In these kinds of rope games, the multiple ropes are crossed over one another and they are tied together in the middle with the help of a strong knot. It is usually plated buy single player at a time. The aim of the player is to lie across the ropes. Then through the careful pulling on the ropes, the player will gently be pulled up in the end.

Rope Race

In rope race games, a large number of circles are drawn on the ground with the help of ropes. The circles are drawn on the ground in such a manner that they touch each other. A participant is selected as catcher, whose role is to try to catch the other players. In this game, the participants are only permitted to walk on the ropes. The pushing past and over taking of other players is not allowed.

Running Blind on the Rope

In these types of rope games, one of the players gets blindfolded. Then he has to walk along a snaking rope. The other players can help him by calling out instructions to walk on the rope.