Rope Jumping Techniques

Rope jumping is a very popular game across the world. There are many competitions held in which rope jumping is featured as a competition sport. The professional players need to really practice hard to win the rope jumping competitions and they use different rope jumping techniques depending upon the game and the competition. Some of the main rope jumping techniques which are used are:

Basic Jump Technique: In this rope jumping technique, both the feet are a bit apart from each other and jump is done at the same time over the rope. The newbie need to practices and master this technique in rope jumping before jumping onto more sophisticated techniques which are used at higher levels.

Criss Cross Technique: This rope jumping technique shares similarities with the basic rope jumping methods. The only point of difference is that while jumping, the left hand moves towards the right part of the body and the right hand moves in the left direction towards the body.

Double Under Technique: The rope jumping method is by participants where they need to take a jump higher than the normal jump while having to swing the rope two times under their feet. There are other variations of this method in which the rope is swing for three times under the feet called as the triple under.

Alternate Foot Jump Technique: This technique in rope jumping is also known as the speed step. In this technique the alternate feet are used to jump off the ground. This technique is applied to double up the count of skips taken in a minute as compared to the basic jump technique in rope gaming.

Combination Jumps Technique: The combination jump techniques in rope jumping are used to perform complicated and difficult jump rope games. In combination jumps, two or more than two rope jumping techniques are applied to make a single trick. The combination techniques are mainly applied in the Chinese Wheel, Double Dutch, Egg Beater, triangle and Long Rope.

Toad Technique: The toad rope jumping method is also considered to be a complicated one like combination rope jumping techniques. In these toad techniques the jumper performs the cross manoeuvre, with his leg intersecting the arms.